Desbloquea BeanFlinger, el protector de pantalla secreto de Android 4.2

Desbloquea BeanFlinger

Continúan llegando las novedades de la actualización 4.2 de Jelly Bean, que ya está disponible para su descarga vía OTA para el Galaxy Nexus y en breve irá llegando a los dispositivos Android de última generación, aunque la espera puede ser algo larga.

Una de las novedades que trae esta nueva versión de Jelly Bean es la posibilidad de utilizar los famosos protectores de pantalla. Estos suelen aparecer cuando conectas el dispositivo a algún puerto o fuente de energía, como puede ser tu ordenador.

Happy Easter time

From wild pranks on April Fools Day-to hidden methods in the internet search enginesearchmsn searchyahoo, the Search engines like google team loves creating surprises for customers.  Here’s how to locate Google’s Happy easter !Happy easter time !, for that latest versions of their Android operating-systemoperating platform.

Android Lollipop 5.

Google designed a hidden Flappy Bird clone featuring the Android robot (you will find, it is simply as difficult as being the original). To locate it, visit Configurations, About Phone, and after that tap the version # 5 occasions. Whenever a lollipop seems, tap onto it, have some fun! 🙂

Android KitKat 4.4

In KitKat, Google produces aconstitutes a fun sliding tile game with images of different sweet goodies. To gain access to it, visit Configurations, About Phone, and, once more, keep tapping the version number, however this time you can see Google’s signature naughty food. Tap onto it, and also the tiles will show up !

Android Jelly Bean 4.1, 4.2, 4.3

Within this Easter time egg, Google provides you with a small-game that allows you forever flick little jelly beans from the screen. Click on Configurations, About Phone, although keeping tapping the version number soon you view a smiling red-colored bean. Tap onto it, after which it enable the fun begin !

Android Frozen Treats Sandwich 4.

Google plays off pop-culture’s favorite (and many annoying) flying cat, Nyan Cat, with Nyandroid. To create this fun animation appear, visit Configurations, About, after which keep tapping the Android version number until Nyandroid seems

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